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FORTRESS PEST CONTROL specializes in general pest control and termite management services in and around Brisbane. Our pest and termite control services are of the highest quality with a high degree of precision.

Termite management : First step is to conduct a Visual Termite Inspection as per AS3660.2-2000 to define the extent of the problem and identify the subterranean termite species we are dealing with. Termite management options may include the use of chemical termiticides or a range of other tecniques including baiting and monitoring. We work in close cooperation with the owner or occupier in order to get a full understanding of the termite problemon the  property. Termite infestations are treated  with the highest attention to detail in order to achieve the most cost effctive solution.

General Pest Control: Starts with an inspection of the property and talking to the owners/occupiers to make sure nothing is missed when deciding on the chemicals to be used. We also provide general advice as to how to minimise the build up of pests through simple general hygine techniques.


Pest & Termite Control Services Offered in Brisbane and Suburbs:

GENERAL PEST CONTROL (domestic and commercial)

TERMITE CONTROL and MANAGEMENT (chemical treated zones "chemical termite barriers", nest and colony eradication)

VISUAL TERMITE INSPECTIONS (annual and pre purchase)

URBAN WEED CONTROL (selective weed management)





My name is Peter Mesch and I am the owner and operator of FORTRESS PEST CONTROL. By training, I am a Agricultural Scientist and worked as a research biologist for 18 years, employed by some of the major chemical research and manufacturing companies such as Du Pont, Dow AgroSciences and Syngenta.

In June 2000 I started my own pest control business while still conducting agricultural field trials in various crops including cotton which is the largest user of pesticides. With a research background I have a very good understanding and extensive knowledge of the insecticides used in urban pest control as they are the same chemicals that are used in agriculture.  I have been around pesticides since I first went to University in Hungary in 1978 and worked with most of the currently registered pest control and termite control products in the last 40 years. 

Mail : P O Box 127 The Gap, Qld 4061 Australia

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