Termite Inspection and Control  Brisbane

FORTRESS PEST CONTROL provides sound advice for termite control and management in and around Brisbane. The first step is a Visual Termite Inspection as per AS3660.2-2000 to outline and understand the extent of the problem. The solution in some cases will include the direct use of termiticides such as BIFLEX ULO or TERMIDOR.  In some instances monitoring stations such as ReKon or Sentricon will give adequate warning and a chance to bait or treat the active termites.     For peace of mind or under heavy termite pressure the establishment of a chemical treated zone or as commonly called "termite barrier" will be needed.  Remember - only pesticides will kill termites - monitoring systems are just that.

The key to successful termite control and management starts with the elimination of factors that make it conducive for termites to establish themselves.  If termites remain undetected, they can cause a lot of damage to your home.  Termite inspections should be carried out at least every 12 months, especially in high risk areas.  It makes sense to do this at the time when general pest control is done to reduce costs.

If you detect any termite mud leads or any other evidence which indicates that termites might be active around your home don’t panic.  Please leave the area undisturbed and call me for advice.

For pest and termite control in Brisbane and suburbs, contact 0409 181 921

Termite Control  Brisbane

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