Pest Control Brisbane

We provide quality and precision Pest Control Service in Brisbane and suburbs. All pests present will be taken into account in order to recommend and use the most appropriate chemical option. If possible a broad spectrum pesticide will be selected which is effective on more than just 1-2 pests.


In addition to termites, these are some of the most common pests:

  • Cockroaches - if you have seen small juvenile ones they are likely to be hatching at your place.
  • Spiders - both webbing and non webbing types (internal/external)
  • Ants - are always a challenge but there are very effective solutions available - Key is treating the nest
  • Silverfish - most older houses would have them, they are common
  • Storage pests - Several nuisance species are found commony, one being the Indian meal moth
  • Wasps/Bees - can be a nuisance but are easlily controlled
  • Rodents - tend to be seasonal but very effective single feed baits are available
  • Fleas - Most pet owners are on top of them with veterinarian products but outbreaks can be nasty
  • Moths/Carpet beetles - Mainly common in older houses - there are good products available for control
  • Fruit Flies/Flies - Can be a problem in commercial food outlets

Pest control and management requires a high degree of cooperation between the pest control operator and members of the household to achieve the desired outcome.  I will assess the overall pest situation and help with advise how to minimise it. 

Individual pest control situations will be considered including your sensitivities to chemicals or allergies. The well-being of your pets is also a high priority as is environmental safety.


For pest control services and termite management in Brisbane and suburbs at an affordable price please contact us on 0409 181 821.


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