Weed Control in Brisbane

We provide weed control services in and around Brisbane. Both broadleaved and grass weeds are often a problem in couch lawns around your home, due to poor soil nutrition or in areas where your lawn is patchy or disturbed. Weeds establish quickly and are notoriously hard to get rid of. Using selective herbicides is a quick and easy way of surgically removing unwanted weed species.

Correct weed identification is important in selecting the most appropriate herbicide option. Do not use glyphosate based products in the middle of your lawn to take out a single daisy as you might end up with a bigger problem than you had. Call me for advice.

FORTRESS PEST CONTROL is also available for advice on industrial weed control around industrial sheds, fence lines and warehouses. There are long residual herbicides available for such use to prevent weeds from germinating and getting established.

For pest control and termite management contact 0409 181 921

Mail : P O Box 127 The Gap, Qld 4061 Australia

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